Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hub and Spoke Tours

Who said a bicycle vacation has to involve packing and moving every day? Try a hub and spoke tour in a villa or hotel base with loop rides every day. We work with many small groups of families or friends who prefer this way of bicycling. They find (or we find for them) a villa or hotel in Provence or Tuscany (or lots of other places), settle in for a week, and take rides out from their base. Those who wish, ride hard and long while those who prefer to take it easy take shorter rides to nearby villages, enjoy time by the pool, and take more leisurely rides from the hotel shown here in Central Tuscany, Italy.

If you are serious cyclists or just want to cover more territory you can rent a car or a van. If someone in your group doesn't ride but will agree to drive make them the designated driver. So maybe on some days you'll leave early and do a long ride to a town that everyone wants to see, then the designated driver comes and picks the cyclists up.

Bike Rentals Plus can help set you up with roof or car racks to make this easier.

Click here for details on villa and hotel hub and spoke bicycle vacations in France and Italy.

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