Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why this blog

We know you. You would like to take a European bicycle tour without the huge cost of an escorted tour. You'd like to:
- design your own route;
- find your own lodging;
- use your own bike.

Problem is:
- you're not familiar with the territory;
- you'd like suggestions on lodging;
- taking your bike can be a real pain.

So you've found us and we can help.
We can:
- help you plan your route because we know the territory (or can find someone who does);
- we know the hotels, B&Bs, and agritourist lodgings;
- tell you where to find rental bikes (all types of bikes from the lightest and fastest to the most sophisticated mountain bikes to simple, quality touring bikes to take you down the road.)

For most of the above services you should visit www.BikeRentalsPlus.com.

But check with us regularly or sign up for our e-mail newsletter to get all the latest hints and comments on bicycle touring.

On this blog you'll find:
1) Comments and thoughts from people who've already done it themselves.
2) Ideas on where to rent a bike for a quick and easy day tour or half day tour on your own.
3) Suggestions for tour operators who offer escorted day or half-day tours in wonderful places like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and the Chianti Hills.

And a lot more! So let's get mowing, moving, pedaling. . . . whatever!

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