Monday, May 11, 2009

"Themed" Bicycle Tours - Exploring Italy through the Eyes of Italian Hero Giuseppe Garibaldi

One way to design a bicycle tour is to pick a theme - food, wine, history, architecture - you name it, and design your tour around that theme. Some of the most popular tours, indeed, are "themed" tours. Maybe you've heard of the Camino de Santiago along the historic pilgrimage route in Norther Spain, for example. Or a culinary bicycle tour in France or Italy.
Well, watch my postings over the next few weeks as I leave today for Bologna, Italy and then I head on to Palermo to begin following Giuseppe Garibaldi's historic route liberating Sicily and Southern Italy from the Bourbon King Francis II who ruled from Naples. Garibaldi took a thousand "red shirts" from northern Italy and launched a campaign that, over the decade from 1860 to 1870 resulted in the unification of Italy as we know it today.

That's me in my "Garibaldi" outfit. (I'll be working on my Garibaldi image over the next few weeks!) The "real" Garibaldi is below.

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