Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Costa Rica Bicycle Tour

Bicycling in Costa Rica is great during the winter months, especially when temperatures are 23º (F) in Minneapolis, 16 º in Milwaukee, and 22 º in Cleveland, as they are today. You can take your own touring or mountain bike to Costa Rica without much problem. We can suggest some hotels near the airport in San Jose where you could leave bike boxes or cases. If you take a touring bike or racing bike make sure you put a little heftier tires (25 – 28 would be best) for the roads there. But quite honestly, you’ll likely have more fun in Costa Rica with a mountain bike. It will open up the entire country to you so you can explore. Without a mountain bike you’ll be limited to paved roads with lots of potholes. But contrary to popular belief (notably people who have driven a car in Costa Rica) while the roads are pretty bad, they’re not bad for bicycling. Bicycling in and around San Jose isn’t very pleasant because it’s congested and there’s quite a bit of traffic. So head north to La Fortuna to explore on the flat of the San Carlos plains or into the foothills of the Cordillera Central and the hills around Arenal Volcano. La Fortuna is a great place to be based for a few days, to rent a bicycle, or to take a half-day or full day bicycle tour. Our best recommendation for renting bikes here by the hour or by the day is Bike Arenal. We set this company up about six years ago and taught them most of what they know. They do a great job. Tell ‘em the folks from Bike Rentals Plus sent you and they’ll treat you with tender loving care. AND, they’ll show you the real Costa Rica. Bike Arenal can also take you on a half-day or full-day bicycle tour. A great way to see the wildlife, enjoy the flowers, and get to know Costa Rica.

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