Monday, February 9, 2009

Renting a Villa for a Site-Based (Hub and Spoke) Bicycle Tour

We see lots of people now renting villas for a one or two-week bicycle tour. They may take their own bike or they'll rent one in country and spend time relaxing by the pool, pedaling, and touring nearby villages.

The best places for bike trips like these are Tuscany, in Italy, and Provence in the South of France. Both regions have a dense network of roads, lots of sights to see, great food, people, and plenty of villas for rent. On a villa bicycle vacation you can take the entire family, even the non-cyclists. Those who don't pedal can enjoy the pool, go walking in the countryside, or drive to the nearby village while you enjoy pedaling!

Here are just a few resources for your next villa and bicycle vacation: has an Italy blog by Martha Bakerjian. Martha lives in Tuscany and has spent time in Sardinia. Her blog has a variety of lodgings listed.

Bike Rentals Plus can help you with villas in Provence and in Tuscany as well.

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